The Center for Ethics in Science and Technology

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The Ethics Center brings the public and scientists together to explore how science can best serve society. Through forums, projects, and resources, the Center gives all stakeholders an opportunity to share perspectives on the ethical implications of new developments in science and technology.

The Ethics Center welcomes anyone who is open to learning new ideas and listening to viewpoints different from their own. Its primary audiences are: (1) members of the public interested in the ethical implications of science and technology and (2) science and technology innovators who are eager to connect with the public.

Collaboration with CONNECT:
For the past six years, the Center for Ethics in Science and Technology has brought San Diego scientists together with the public to explore the ethical considerations of new scientific developments in such areas as stem cell research, global warming, cyber security and robotics. In March 2011, the Ethics Center announced it was joining forces with CONNECT to expand engagement of San Diego’s research community and the public in examining the ethics of new science and technology.

The Ethics Center offers:

  • Exploring Ethics – a monthly public forum at which a speaker is invited to present on a subject or new technology that has ethical implications for society (11 events)
  • Fall event (may be a series of collaborative programs) that is similar to an Exploring Ethics forum, but which includes a speaker(s) of regional, national or international prominence that attracts a broader and larger audience and collaborative peripheral activities
  • Science Fair Awards –  Select participants in the senior division of the annual Greater San Diego Science and Engineering Fair are invited to apply their interest and skills in science to address the ethical dimensions of their work through an essay.  Monetary cash prizes are awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners.

Center for Ethics in Science and Technology:
Lead Supporters
The Legler Benbough Foundation
Reuben H. Fleet Science Center
San Diego State University
UC San Diego
University of San Diego

Program Contact:

Michael Kalichman, Ph.D.

Karen Winston, Vice President, Programs
Phone: (858) 964-1346
Fax: (858) 964-1301

San Diego
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8950 Villa La Jolla Drive
Suite A124
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8950 Villa La Jolla Drive
Suite A124
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