Business Advisors

CONNECT’s prestigious Business Advisor program offers one-on-one coaching by successful CEOs who have hands-on experience as a founder, raising capital, building a company through a significant growth phase and piloting an exit. CONNECT is fortunate to draw upon a pool of highly-qualified individuals who volunteer their time to serve as Springboard Business Advisors and provide coaching and expert input to CONNECT’s Springboard Program, Most Innovative New Product Awards, Venture Roundtable and CONNECT’s Sport Innovator Capital Forum. They also provide mentoring to CommNexus’s EvoNexus incubator and UC San Diego’s Entrepreneur Challenge Program.

Today there are more than 100 Business Advisors from a wide range of clusters including:

  • Pharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostics and wireless health
  • Clean technology
  • Software, Web 3.0 and cyber security
  • Action and sports products, services and advanced materials
  • Communications technology
  • Autonomous robotics

For more information on becoming an Business Advisors contact Ruprecht von Buttlar.

Springboard Business Advisors


Our current Business Advisors are:

Mark Adams
Background: SVP Drug Development – Anadys Pharmaceutical
Expertise: Pharma-, Drug Development

Cleve Adams
Background: CEO KaaM, Founder Websense
Expertise: Software, SaaS, Security, Internet/Online, Cloud Computing

Shelley D. Adams
Background: VP North American Sales, Avecia Biologics, Inc.
Expertise: Life Science, healthcare, diagnostics, business development, marketing

Yanina Adler
Background: Biotech, oncology molecular diagnostics, drug delivery, gene therapy, pharmaceuticals
Expertise: Life Science, healthcare, diagnostics, business development, marketing

Zuleima Aguilar
Background: Head of Oncology Exploratory Assetts, Pfizer
Expertise: Clinical Development, Oncology, pharmaceuticals

Sukaina Alarakhia
Background: Ph.D. candidate
Expertise: Wireless health care, high-tech, pharma, & medical devices, M&A, Corporate governance, Strategic direction & Planning, Marketing, Market Research, Competitor analysis, marketing strategies, affiliate marketing and social media, Financial analysis, valuation and due diligenc

Owens F. Alexander
Background: Former President and CEO, Titan Wireless
Expertise: Telecommunications, Wireless, Sales, Marketing and Utilities

Robin Allgren
Background: SVP Development, Ansata Therapeutics
Expertise: Pharma, Medical Devices, Bio-tech, Stem Cells, medical, Clinical development, Regulatory affairs, Product Development

Nga Anamosa
Background: K-TUBE, Process Engineer; SAICALI, business owner; Kyocera Wireless, Senior Manufacturing Engineer
Expertise: Manufacturing, engineering, and operations management; Wholesale, retail and Internet sales of products from Vietnam

Marcus Anderson
Expertise: Rady School MBA

Bob Andrews
Background: President, COO, The Upper Deck company
Expertise: Consumer products, Sports, Aviation, Transportation, Finance

Glen Armstrong
Background: Director, Clinical Research, Gen-Probe
Expertise: Life Science, molecular testing, drug R&D

Sheri Ascencio
Background: VP Marketing, FreightScan
Expertise: Technology, software, e-Commerce, venture capital

Devron Averett
Background: Chief Scientific Counsel, Clinical and Scientific Advisory Board, Anadys
Expertise: Drug Discovery and Development

Rose Avila
Background: RMA Consulting
Expertise: Strategic Planning and Development Coach

Malcolm Avner
Background: Founder and President of a Staffing/Personnel Company; Management Consultant and Coach to Entrepreneurs, VP of Development for a Restaurant Chain, Professional Sports
Expertise: Business Planning, Strategic Planning, Organizational Development; Construction and Real Estate, Food Service, Playing and Teaching Sports

Bill Avrin
Background: Consultant
Expertise: Technical Writer, Clean-tech, Bio-tech; Physics PhD; technical communication; has worked with biochemists/scientists; able to handle scientists outside direct expertise

Serdar Ayar
Background: Verizon Wireless
Expertise: Sales, Operations, Marketing from Carrier perspective, data security, Telecommunications, Software

Greg Barnes
Background: Principal, Cobalt Media
Expertise: Media, Private Equity, Business Development, sales and marketing, film production, apparel, Banking, Operations, Eastern Europe, Advertising

Amy Barnhart
Background: Director of Product Development, Intuit (TurboTax, ShopIntuit, QuickenLoans)
Expertise: Consumer products, e-commerce, SaaS, marketing, engineering

Paul Bartholomew
Background: Corporate Controller, Gemological Institute of America; VP/Controller, Hamilton Group
Expertise: Accounting, financial consulting, audits

Stephen Bassett
Background: Product Group Marketing Research
Expertise: Market Research, Life Sciences

Robert Bauer
Background: Director Sales & Marketing, Microwave Broadcast Services
Expertise: Hi-tech, wireless, telecom, marketing, product management

Margaret Bazini
Background: CFO CIT Group -Student Lending
Expertise: Financial Services, Strategic Planning, Modeling, Business Analysis

Bernd Becker
Background: SVP Brand and Product Management, The Upper Deck Company
Expertise: Sport cards, entertainment cards, mobile, watches, product development, product management

Curt Becker
Background: Founder, New Dimension Performance
Expertise: Biotech – marketing, product mgmt. sales and support for biotech instruments & rgts.

John Belden
Background: Mentor, bd member
Expertise: Software

Paul Bergman
Background: ROAM Information Technologies, Inc.
Expertise: software, operations, strategic R&D, Web 2.0; information mgmt.

Thomas M. Bergmann
Background: Former Vice President, Gartner, Inc.
Expertise: Software, Defense, Government Services

Rick Berzie
Expertise: high-tech marketing

Jai Bhagat
Background: CoB Axestel, CEO SkyTel
Expertise: Wireless, Telecom, Internet, Service Provider

Larry Bock
Background: General Partner, CW Venture, Founder, CEO, Nanosys, Inc.
Expertise: Life Science/Nano-tech

Henry Bonner
Background: Founder, Devon Resources
Expertise:Enterprise software, financial technology, data warehousing, financial services, web-based services, customer relations management software/services, corporate IT infrastructure, startups, restarts, recapitalizations, payment systems, cross-border investments, reinsurance, banking sercurities, law, leveraged investment funds, mergers and acquisitions

Cheryl J. Bostater, ASA, CFA, MBA
Background: co-founder, CFO, Open Energy, Corp.
Expertise: Finance, M&A, Valuations, Cleantech, Investment Banking

Mario Bourdon
Background: Founder, CEO, Biolaurus; former CEO, La Jolla Institute for Molecular Medicine
Expertise: Life Science, Cancer/tumor Biology

Cassidy Brady
Background: Strategic Business Consultant, SDSU Entrepreneurial Management Center/Socisty Inc
Expertise: Consulting, online marketing practices, mobile web, social media, not-for-profit

Luca Brammer
Background: Operations Superintendent; Senior Aerospace, Jet Products
Expertise: Finance, Homeland security, department of defense, and first responder spaces, high-tech, aerospace, electronics, engineering, operations and process improvements

Rebecca Breitenkamp
Background: Co-founder and CFO, Intezyne Technologies, Inc.
Expertise: Finance, Homeland security, department of defense, and first responder spaces, high-tech, aerospace, electronics, engineering, operations and process improvements

Daniel P. Brogan
Background: COO Smith Consulting Architects, CEO, Earl Walls Associates, CFO KA Architects
Expertise: C-Level Exec, licensed Architect, construction, clean/green, insurance, some heavy manufacturing

Harris Brotman
Background: Procopio
Expertise: IP Attorney, Life Science, Genetics

Michael Brower
Background: CFO Triple 7 group; past- GM/CFO, PowerMetal Technologies; CFO Orange 21/Spy Optic; GM Odyssey Golf
Expertise: Action Sports, Consumer Products, Finance, venture funding

Justin Brown
Background: VP Sales, Alladin Bail Bonds
Expertise: Software, Advertising, Broadcasting

Paula Brown
Background:Paula Brown Creative
Expertise: Branding, Marketing, Creative Design

Scott Buchanan, Ph.D.
Background: CEO, CFO 4-D Neuroimaging – a public medical device manufacturer
Expertise: Medical Device design, development and marketing, hardware/software development

Walter Buga
Background: Co-founder, Proximetry, CTO
Expertise: Wireless, Telecommunication

Bryan Buljat
Background: VP Bus. Dev. Restech, General Atomics
Expertise: Hi-tech Systems, Telecom, Project Mgmt.

Jonathan Burbaum
Background: CEO & Founder, Azure Therapeutics; International Life Science BD Consultant
Expertise: Life Science, pharma, therapeutics, R&D, business Development

James Burke
Background: VP Product Development, engineering, Breg Inc.
Expertise: Life Science, medical devices, engineering, product development

Danen Butler
Background: CEO Applied Control Concepts
Expertise: High-tech computing platforms; repeat CEO

Patrick Cadoret-Manier
Background: Co-founder & Chief Financial Officer, Global Village Concerns Inc.
Expertise: M&A, start-ups, financial services, technology, life sciences, retail

Gerry Callahan
Background: VP Sales, Messagegate
Expertise: IT Sales

Eric Campbell
Background: Chief Strategy Officer, Affinity Development Group
Expertise: Hi-tech & Life Sciences, Strategic Biz Dev, Venture Capital

Steve Campbell
Background: VP Marketing, Sun
Expertise: Marketing

Rick Canote
Background: VP Finance, Kemia Inc.; partner at Tatum
Expertise: Life Science CFO/CPA

Vicky Carlson
Background: President/CEO Office Pavillion San Diego
Expertise: Business Development, Finance, Budgeting & Cost Management

Mark Casner
Background: CEO DigiRad
Expertise: Life Science, nuclear imaging, radiology, cardiology

Tom Cassidy
Background: Global Director, Reign Accessories
Expertise: Action Sports, fitness, sports apparel, marketing, sales

Jody Chambers
Background: Principal, Shoreline Partners, LLC
Expertise: Investment Banking, financial analysis, strategic positioning, coordinating due diligence/closing activities

Liang-Jye Chang
Background: Sr. VP, Engineering and Manufacturing, Sony Electronics Inc., San Diego
Expertise: high tech engineering, digital TV, computers, due diligence

Cindy Chang
Background: Rady School MBA, Software Engineer
Expertise: Software

Li Cheng
Background: Marketing Research Intern, ZummCraft Inc.
Expertise: Rady MBA, China, marketing, electric vehicles, clean tech, international contracts, environment, engineering

Jacques Chirazi
Background: CleanTech Program Manager, City of San Diego
Expertise: Life Science, Cleantech, Finance, Business Analyst, Medical, Marketing

Han Chiu
Background: Founder, partner CMX capital
Expertise: Bio-tech, pharma, oncology, life-science venture capital

Wade Chocheles
Background: Vice President Functional Group Controller, JP Morgan Chase
Expertise: corporate planning & analysis, budgets, forecasts, process improvement

Catherine Christensen
Background: Director Client Servise
Expertise: Marketing, Product launch, Biz-Dev

Michael Christian
Background: Former director, general counsel, and secretary of Visual Sciences (former WebSideStory)
Expertise: Enterprise-class SaaS business models, licensing, corporate finance, and new media consumer businesses

Julia Christman
Background: Project manager, marketing professional
Expertise: International business, Managed commercial loan origination process, deal pipeline and client relationships and eco-friendly apparel organization

Ron Christopher
Background: Assoc. VP, Toxicology and Preclinical Development, AMBIT Biosciences
Expertise: Life Science, Pharmaceuticals, Oncology, Inflammation, Small Molecules, Clinical Studies

Robert Ciardella
Background: Former Founder and President, Asymtek
Expertise: Engineering and automation

Allen Cinzori
Background: Software Equity Group
Expertise:Investment banking

Rick Clancy
Background: Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications, Sony Electronics
Expertise: Consumer electronics, communication, media, finance, investment banking, PR, food

Gordon Clark
Expertise: Healthcare education CEO

Ed Cleary
Background: COO, OCP Group
Expertise: Consumer products, technology, branding

Larry Cleary
Background: VP Sales, PAR Logistics, Sr. Director, Qualcomm, COO, Micrologic, CEO, Inceptor
Expertise: Wireless, Wireless Health, Internet, Software, start-ups, capital raising, Dry run panels

Dennis Clerke
Background: Former CEO Alignent Software and Founder, CEO of Cardiff Software
Expertise: Software, SaaS applications and Hi-Tech

Matthew Clifford
Background: Analyst, Bainbridge Capital
Expertise: Financial analyst, valuation, modeling, consumer products, hi-tech

Ken Cohen
Background: CEO, co-founder, Somaxon
Expertise: Life Sciences, pharma-, gene therapeutics

Peter Cohen
Background: VP marketing, Applied Solar
Expertise: Clean-tech, solar, security products, services

Cheri Colegrove
Background: Vice President Business Development, eStudy Site
Expertise: Life Science, Marketing, Sales, Business Development, Merger and Acquisition, Finance

Brian Collins
Background: Founder, CEO
Expertise: Presentation coach, “Ear Prompter” actor

Martyn D. Collins
Background: Executive Director, CEO Americas, Pro-Natura
Expertise: Cleantech, bio-tech, agriculture, non-profit

Jim Comeaux
Background: Co-Founder and CTO Redwire
Expertise: Wireless, Voip, ISP

Brian Conn
Background: CFO Microislet, Inc.
Expertise: Life Science and IT CFO

Patricia Contreras
Background: Conatus PharmaceuticalsVP Pre-clinical development
Expertise: Life Science, therapeutics, pharma, inflammation, oncology

Brant Cooper
Background: Hi-tech marketing,, customer development, product strategy
Expertise: Hi-tech marketing, sales,

Rick Cooper
Background: VP Business Development, PolyFuels, Inc.
Expertise: Cleantech, Hi-tech, Automotive, General Managemnt, Sales, Marketing, Branding

Tom Copeland
Background: Sales Director, 5.11 Tactical
Expertise: Action Sports, Golf, Marketing, Sales

Kathrin Copley
Background: Director Research Strategic Planning, Amylin Pharmaceuticals
Expertise: Life Science, Biotechnology, Regulatory, Cardiovascular, Diabetes

Gary Correia
Background: VP Finance, Taylor Guitars
Expertise: Electronics, consumer products, service provider

John S. Coughlin
Background: Co-Founder and CTO Redwire
Expertise: Wireless, Voip, ISP

Jeff Cramer
Background: CEO Anacomp
Expertise: Hi-tech, computer, software/SaaS, imaging, repeat CEO

Mike Crawford
Background: VP Engineering EMC
Expertise: Hi-tech, enterprise networking and software, R&D

Mike Creamer
Background: Founder & CTO Nuera Communications
Expertise: Hi-tech, Engineering, Network Technologies

Jane Crossan
Background: VP, Practice Leader, The Nielsen Company
Expertise: Strategic Planning, Financial Services, Business Development, Marketing, sales, Public Relations, software, media

Billy Crotty
Expertise: Hardware, mobile handsets

Kurt Cumming
Background: VP Global Sales & Business Development, VeriSign
Expertise: Media (website encryption), telecom, medical devices, financial services, military

Carol Curry
Background: CMO Tacit Knowledge Systems
Expertise: Hi-tech marketing (corporate & product) software

Jan D’Alvise
Background: Founder & Managing Partner, BioBiz Partners
Expertise: Life science, clinical/molecular diagnostics, bio-medical/genomics research, and pharmaceutical/biotech industries. Founder of three start-ups. Negotiated and managed global partnerships in Asia, Europe and the US.

Nancy Dahl
Background: Counsel, Takeda San Diego, Inc
Expertise: Life Science, Law, Electronics

Lamia Dalichaouch
Background: University of Boston, CA Bar
Expertise: Construction, Energy, Housing

Yacine Dalichaouch
Background: Viasat, Business Development; SAIC Technology Consultant
Expertise: Sensor Technology Expert, Ph.D. Physics

Derek Dalton
Expertise: Extensive experience leading content convergence on TV, web and mobile devices driving easier user access, broadening consumer consumption and increasing advertising revenue

Laura Darius
Background: Owner
Expertise: Exec Coach: Speech, Presentation, Image

Elyse Dasko
Background: Marketing / Public Relations
Expertise: corporate/product launch, speaker training, media relations, issues/crisis management

Chris Davis
Background: CEO Empiricor
Expertise: CFO/CEO – M&A, Venture, Energy, Technology, Distribution, Fin. Services

Karen Davis
Background: President, Empiricor
Expertise: Marketing, construction, consumer electronics, security, IT systems, software

Mark Davis
Background: VP Strategy & Interactive Media, San Diego Union-Tribune
Expertise: Business strategy and corporate development in digital media, Internet, and technology companies

Kim Davis King
Background: Managing Director Hercules Technology Growth Capital
Expertise: Technology, venture capital, venture debt, commercialization

Valerie Day
Background: Gen-Probe, VP Program Mgmt.
Expertise: pharma drug development, program management

Emmanuel de Boucaud
Background: Co-founder, Daggerboard Advisors; former CEO, Live Interaction
Expertise: Hi-tech, web 2.0

Rolando De Garcia
Background: TCA, SVP GE Capital
Expertise: Financial Services, Mergers & Acquisitions, banking, IT

Axel De Torsiac
Background: General Manager – BOULEVARD BRASIL COMERCIO IMP. EXP. LTDA. -
Expertise: Television communications; import-export Brazil

Jack DeFranco
Background: Jack DeFranco] Life sciences – diagnostics, surgical, orthopedic, and therapeutic products. Work history, Johnson & Johnson, Smith & Nephew, Orthoconcept (start-up), and Alliance Pharmaceutical. Current President & COO, Alliance, President & CEO Microparticle Proteomics LLC, and COO Targeson Inc.
Expertise: Marketing, business development, business operations

Jim DeLapa
Background: Founder, Allied Focus; Kiran Analytics
Expertise: Analytics, software; hi-tech

Martha Dennis, Ph.D

Background: Former Venture Partner, Windward Ventures
Expertise: Telecommunication, wireless, software

Lynn DePippo
Background: Managing Director, Sherbrook Capital
Expertise: Financial Services, healthcare, medical devices, bio-tech

Ken Derry
Background: Director Supply, Dexcom
Expertise: Supply Chain, Logistics, ERP

Donald Dickerson
Background: VP Finance, JP Morgan Chase
Expertise: VP Finance, aircraft, manufacturing, IT, Investment Banking

Bill Diller
Background: CEO Netresults
Expertise: C-level High-tech and consumer products and services

Zack Dilworth
Expertise: SDSU MBA student

Yuri Diomin
Background: Yuri Software
Expertise: C-level High-tech and consumer products and services

Jack Dollard
Background: Former EVP&COO AMS, SVP Global Operations Gateway Computers, President QPE Qualcomm/SVP Global Operations
Expertise: Electronics, Hi-Tech, Wireless, Computer Products – global P&L operations inclusive to manufacturing, supply chain, engineering, logistics, distribution, quality, six sigma, business development, and sales

Joe Dowling
Background: President, Medivas
Expertise: Pharmaceuticals, medical devices, financial services, software

Bruce I. Doyle, III, Ph.D.
Background: Former CEO, Impres; Venture Management, GE
Expertise: Telecommunications, Medical Devices, Semiconductor Equipment, Automation

Ed Doyle
Background: Managing Director-Corporate Growth Strategies
Expertise: Medical Devices, bio-tech, CEO, corporate development

Jeff Draa
Background: Scientific and Technology Capital Equipment
Expertise: General Management, Marketing, Sales, Small Business Valuation

John Driver
Background: Marketing Mgr, Sun, HP
Expertise: Marketing, Commerce, Sports, Consumer Goods

Ken Duggan
Expertise: Free Coffee service;

Christopher Duran
Background: SVP Product Mgmt., Claritas (Nielsen Co.)
Expertise: Consumer products, Software, IT, insurance, electronics

Vinay Dwivedi
Background: Software Engineer, Mindflash Technologies
Expertise: Software, engineering, billing systems, CRM

Jim Edwards
Background: SVP & General Counsel Kratos Defense & Security Solutions
Expertise: Hi-tech, Defense, wireless, electronics, legal counsel

Rick Egan
Background: CFO and entrepreneur
Expertise: CFO, Telecom

Hunt Eggleston
Background: Former VP and Officer, AT&T
Expertise: Bandwith delivery, compression, search engines, wireless, cellular, software

Ronald C. Eld
Background: 25 years of global pharmaceutical & biotech experience. Former Executive Director Ligand Pharmaceuticals, Worldwide Director Marketing & Businsess Planning For Farmitalia Carlo Erba, Director of Finance Pfizer Puerto Rico & Caribbean
Expertise: Corporate/Business Development Strategic & Business Planning, M&A’s Product & Portfolio Assessment and Risk Adjusted Valuation Pharmaceutical market assessment segmentation, forecasting and valuation Strategic opportunity assessment decision support.

Agnes Elekes
Background: Associate Medical Director
Expertise: : Life Sci – internal medicine, therapeutics and clinical research

Mike Ellis
Background: Ford Motors
Expertise: Automotive Industry – Chief Designer Ford Motors

Todd Elvins
Background: VP Engineering Packet Video
Expertise: Hi-tech, software, video, telecom engineering

Tim Engel
Background: VP Business Development, SupponoCaveo
Expertise: Life Science. Medical Devices, business development

Dan Engel
Background: Miracle League of San Diego, Applied Underwriters, Inc., Gateway Partners, Onyx Partners, Salomon Brothers Expertise Capital Markets, Corporate Finance, M&A, Due Diligence, Non-Profits

Brooks Ensign
Background: Director of Financial Planning and Analysis, HALOZYME THERAPEUTICS, INC
Expertise: Life Sciences, Finance, Marketing, Business Development, Licensing, Acquisition, Lobbying, Strategic Planning, Forecasting, Valuations

Tom Erickson
Background: VP H/R Elgar Electronics, Solar Turbines
Expertise: Hi-tech/Clean Tech, H/R and Operations Mgmt.

Mark Erwin
Background: Financial Advisor, Erwin Financials
Expertise: Sport Innovation, Footwear, Finance, Sales and Marketing, Advertising, Sponsorship

Joel Espelien
Background: Chief Business Officer and VP Corporate Strategy, Packet Video
Expertise: Software, wireless, multi-media

Tony Espinoza
Background: Chief Business Officer and VP Corporate Strategy, Packet Video
Expertise: High-tech, wireless, software, operations, GM, manufacturing, sales,

Jim Esserman
Background: President, COO Roam Corp.-VP/GM, Kodak Printing
Expertise: Telecommunications

Lauren Essex
Background: VP of Marketing, Jitterbug
Expertise: Consumer products, biotech, marketing, brand development, mobile phones, personal care, cosmetics, dermatology, medical device, electronic medical records

Duncan Evered
Background: Portfolio Manager, American Express Financial Advisors
Expertise: Asset Management, Business Development

Carl Ewig
Background: Chair-Bio-informatics program, Coleman College
Expertise: Life Science, Bio-informatics, molecular scientist

Simon Faithful MD, PhD
Background: Ex VP Medical Affairs Alliance Pharmaceutical; Anesthesiologist; Academic Research
Expertise: Drug and Device Development; Clinical and Preclinical Investigation; Physiological Modeling

Gregory Favish
Background: Sr. Sales Manager, The Oracle One Group
Expertise: High-tech, consumer products, sales & marketing

Akos Feher
Background: Director of Business Development, INSIGHT DIAGNOSTICS, INC
Expertise: Life Sciences, Diagnostics, Automotive Manufacturing, Consumer Products, Toys, Electronics, Mobile Phones, Engineering, Marketing and Sales, Product Development, Finace, Business Development, Project Management

Andy Feldman
Background: Adjunct Professor UCSD, Media
Expertise: Sales Management, Media

Vince Ferraro
Background: Former VP of Worldwide Marketing for Hewlett-Packard Company
Expertise: IT peripherals, hardware, software, solutions, product development/launch, consumer/commercial products, networking, high tech marketing, operations, strategic planning, international, and web-based businesses

John Fessler
Background: Former CEO, Herae, LLC
Expertise: Healthcare, finance, business development

John Fikes
Background: Sr. Director Operations, Kalypsis, Inc.
Expertise: Life Science, program managent, operations

Margery Fischbein
Background: SVP Corporate Development, Genoptics
Expertise: Life Science, corporate and business development, venture capital, merger & acquisitions

Leonard Fish
Background: Operations Exec, Executive Director
Expertise: life science, Clinical/Preclinical-Stage Biotechnology/Pharmaceutical Company

Melissa Fitzgerald
Background: Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Director Biz Dev
Expertise: Life Science, therapeutics, diagnostics, licensing, biz dev

Stephen F. Flaim, Ph.D FACC, FAHA
Background: Founder & CEO, CardioCreate, Inc.; Chairman, President & CEO, OncoFluor, Inc.
Expertise: Drug discovery, preclinical and clinical product development, strategic planning, project management, operational planning and execution

Dan Flanagan
Background: President, founder Soapbox Mobile
Expertise: High-tech Marketing, advertising, creative development, product management

Ward Fleri
Background: Sr. Project Manager, La Jolla Institute for Allergies & Immunology
Expertise: Clean-tech, life science, project/program management

Walter Flicker
Background: Former VP Resmed Inc
Expertise: medical products (excluding pharmaceuticals), particularly both implantable and extracorporeal medical devices.  I also have an affiliation with an alternative energy fund in Australia who could be interested in local opportunities in that field.

David Fogel
Background: CEO, Natural Selection Financial, Inc. and Chairman, Natural Selection, Inc.
Expertise: Biotechnology, Finance, Defense, Homeland Security, Optimization

Dan Foley
Background: VP Finance New Kotai Holdings
Expertise: Corporate finance, startegic planning, entertainment, resorts

Mike Fons
Background: VP Corporate Development, Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Expertise: Corporate and business development, IP startegy, licensing

Barry Fontaine
Background: GlaxoSmithKline, senior executive consultant
Expertise: Life Science, pharmaceuticals, marketing, sales

Dave Foster
Background: Program Manager Los Alamos Labs
Expertise: Warfare, defense, science & technology

Jean-Jacques Foucherot
Background: President and CEO, Canopus Bioscience
Expertise: Turnarounds and Start-ups, High-Tech, Food Sector, Consumer Products, Life Science, International Development

Steven Fouskarinis
Background: Director, LSIT, SAIC
Expertise: Hi-tech IT, System Integration, Engineering

Andy Frank
Background: SVP, National Pen Company
Expertise: consumer products, business operations

Jonathan Freeman
Background: Former CFO/COO, PatientLine Systems
Expertise: healthcare IT, intel

Dan Friedman
Background: VP Sales and Marketing, Pulse Link
Expertise: Semiconductor, Wireless, Multimedia Home Networking, Mobile, Consumer Electronics

David Friedman
Background: EVP and Chief Marketing Officer, ATX Group
Expertise: marketing and sales, international, brand building, global distribution, business development, advertising, pricing, internet, loyalty, product management, investor, innovation, R&D, telecommunications, data management, security, information, navigation services

Marc Friedmann
Background: CEO
Expertise: Web and enterprise software, semiconductors

Randy Frisch
Background: COO, Salt Lake Tribune, CFO, VP Operations, Union Tribune
Expertise: Publishing, advertising, media, news paper

Peter Fryscak
Background: Co-founder Plenary Fiduciary Services
Expertise: Hi-tech, financial services, business development, venture capital

Alan Fuhrman
Background: CFO Sonus Pharmaceuticals
Expertise: CFO, Pharma, medical devices, wireless, operations

Robert Fuller
Background: Director, Entrepreneur Development, Rady School
Expertise: Entrepreneurship

Tom Gallego
Expertise: Branding, Marketing Communications, Creative Design

Joel Garcia
Background: Sr. Electrical Engineer Northrop Gruman
Expertise: Engineer/Technology/clean tech interest

Roy Gayhart
Background: CEO Snap Saver
Expertise: CEO, Whole-Solar LLCHi-Tech, CEO, CFO Cleantech, manufacturing, Business Development, Retail/housewares turnaround/financing; CFO Xscribe/Photomatrix; CFO Lottery Enterprises

Drew George
Background: P.E., Principal, Drew George & Partners
Expertise: Cleantech products; Green buildings & services; LEED certification

Mardig Ghazarian
Background: GERS Retail Systems
Expertise: Software

Randall Gibson
Background: Sr. VP – Supply Chain consulting firm; Founder – two software tech firms in automation and engineering consulting fields.
Expertise: Supply chain operations & analysis; automation systems; mfg and distribution planning and operations; application of Operations Research techniques to business and industrial problems.

Dan Gilbert
Background: general management, marketing, and engineering experience
Expertise: high tech, engineering experience, including the formation and management of a retail photofinishing business and an Internet software

Keith Glassford
Background: VP Marketing, Accelrys Software
Expertise: Hi-tech, Clean-tech, Software, IT

Chuck Gompf
Background: Lockheed Martin
Expertise: Aerospace, unmanned vehicles, SBIRs, financial modeling

Geoff Goodman
Background: Callaway, Disney, Nabisco
Expertise: Consumer Products, sport, entertainment, investments

Diane Goostree
Background: CEO, BioPharma Catalyst Group; CEO, Aperture Therapeutics
Expertise: Pharmaceuticals, medical devices, dermatology

Bernie Greenspan
Background: Principal – GREENSPAN IP MANAGEMENT
Expertise: Life science; intellectual property strategies and law, team building, staff mentoring, and knowledge of GLP, GMP, and FDA regulations

Eric Grobe
Background: USD Entrepreneur Club
Expertise: USD MBA Student

Seth Groff
Background: Director, customer services at Bandalong
Expertise: Business plan writing, investment vehicles, operations

Craig Grossman
Background: The Grossman Law Firm, former CEO, Scour, Inc.
Expertise: IP, technology, new media, internet

Craig Hagopian
Background:Co-Founder xAd, President V-Enable, CMO of Axesstel
Expertise: Wireless/Telecom, Advertising, Technology

Justin Hai
Background: Consultant, Jacob Asher Creative Strategies
Expertise: Hi-tech, healthcare, product design, product development

Richard Hake
Background: Elan, Chugai
Expertise: Life Science, IP

Harold Handley
Background: Executive VP and CSO, Transvivo
Expertise: Life Science, FDA, Vaccines, Medical Device, Antibodies, Cancer, Arthritis

Edmund Har
Background: CFO, The Mark Condominium Association
Expertise: CFO, Restaurants, Real Estate, Accounting

Mike Hard
Background: Founder and CEO, Causality Inc
Expertise: Life Science, Biostatistic

Phil Harding
Background: Chairman and CEO of MFLEX, The worlds largest manufacturer of Flexable printed circuits and component assembly
Expertise: Engineering, management, strategy

Tony Harkey
Background: Etrade, Isuzu
Expertise: Marketing

Asad Haroon
Background: Chief Marketing Officer
Expertise: Internet, Search Engines

Adam Harris
Background: AG Edwards-Financial Consultant
Expertise: Financial Services, expert financial modeling, start-up experience

Michael Harris
Background: Founder Harris Consulting; Interim VP Marketing, Bekaert, Inc.
Expertise: Hi-tech; Consumer electronics, telecom, data storage, management consulting

Colleen Hartwell
Background: H/R Director, Provide Commerce
Expertise: Human Resources, Internet, Software, Media

J. Mark Hattendorf
Background: : COO/CFO Gc-Free, Inc. Former CFO for 3 public companies (software, digital entertainment & nutrition) and 5 strategic/private equity backed (software, ecommerce technology & entertainment) enterprises.
Expertise: Strategic planning, financial operations, major corporate transitional events, corporate director-audit committee chair/medical device company.

Kevin Haug
Background: VP/GM Pulse Engrg. Lucent
Expertise: Telecom, video, triple play

Sibylle Hauser
Background: Vetter Pharma-Fertigung-Key account exec
Expertise: Pharma, bio-tech business development

Ron Hawkins
Background: Current director of industry relations at UCSD, Former VP at SONY, former division COO at Titan/Visicom
Expertise: Product development & engineering in consumer, defense, and industrial electronics; high performance computing.

Jim Heaton
Background: TechFilm, EVP
Expertise: Marketing, hi-tech

Marc Hermsmeyer
Background: Principle, Opteris, LLC
Expertise: Venture Capital, IT, Online Media, Due Diligence, financial modeling

Henry Herz
Background: Program manager, IT manager, Software development manager, project manager, Business Development
Expertise: Hi Tech, Transportation, local Government, telecomm, Defense, Insurance, Retail

Stephanie Herzberg
Background: Millipore Corporation
Expertise: Financial Analyst – bioscience

Fritz Hesse
Background: Intuit – VP Engineering, Consumer Tax Group
Expertise: High-tech, Software, IT, operations

Lou Hess
Background: CEO Smartply
Expertise: Clean-tech, Construction materials, manufacturing

Angela Hill
Background: President & Creative Director, Incitrio | creative solutions for global brands
Expertise: Branding, Graphic Design, Web Design, Ecommerce Design, SEO, SEM, PPC, Email Marketing, Social Media, Video Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, and Lead Generation for High Tech, Clean Tech, Online Retail, Software, Life Sciences, Professional Service, and large Non Profit Industries

David Hill
Background: Director of Sales and Marketing, Jeld-Wen
Expertise: Marketing and sales, strategic planning, market analysis, budgeting and financials, project management

Gene Hirschkoff
Background: VP Engineering, 4-D Neuroimaging
Expertise: Life Sciences, innovation assessments, technology, imaging, engineering, operations, general counsel

Brian Hobbs
Background: VP Planning Lane Furniture Industries
Expertise: Consumer products, int’l supply chain, manufacturing/distribution

John Hoeflich
Background: CEO, HD Golf
Expertise: All Golf

Bob Hoffman
Background: Business Development, Asymtek
Expertise: Hi-tech, clean-tech, semi-conductors, international

Robbie Hoffner
Background: Financial Modeling, some VC experience, Sequenom, Inc. – Genetic Analysis & Molecular Diagnostics
Expertise: Financial Analyst – bioscience, pharma, Financial Modeling, due diligence

Chris Holiday
Background: Taylormade Performance Labs, Inc.
Expertise: Action & sport, consumer, retailer, sales, and sales management at corporate level

Molly Holman
Background: Executive Director, IP at Amilyn
Expertise: Life Science, bio-tech, pharma, Intellectual Property attorney

Tom Hommel
Background: RoadRunner, Time Warner
Expertise: Telecom

Steve Hong
Background:VP of Finance, Mizuno
Expertise: Finance, Banking

Greg Horowitt
Background:MD T2 VC, Exec. Director Global CONNECT
Expertise: Life Science/Technology; serial entrepreneur, VC

Wayne Huang
Background: Former founder/VP of eAnywhere Tech, and Motorola wireless executive
Expertise: Semiconductor, Wireless, and Wireless Healthcare

Devin C. Hughes
Background: Regional Sales Director, West Coast, Genzyme Biosurgery
Expertise: Sales & Marketing; medical devices

Tom Hume
Background: Founder, Cure Juvenile Myositis; VP mktg. Sage Software; Gateway; Sprint
Expertise: marketing, software, wireless, social entrepreneur

Chris Humphrey
Background: VP GM Sperian Protection, CEO Nacre AS, SVP Marketing Lantronix
Expertise: LAN, SAN, semiconductor, enterprise software, wireless, global b2b channels, turnarounds

Dominic Iocco
Background: C-level team at Clover Technologies
Expertise: Hi-tech Inkjet/cartridge businesses & software, CEO, CFO, Founder

Edward Isarevich
Background: ETA Consulting, Boeing, Northrup Grumman
Expertise: Aircraft, space, defense, marketing

Edward Isarevich
Background: ETA Consulting, Boeing, Northrup Grumman
Expertise: Aircraft, space, defense, marketing

Steve Iverson
Background: CEO Streamload
Expertise: High-tech, internet, e-commerce, software

Ed Iwanowicz
Background: Former Head & VP Chemistry, Chiron Corp.
Expertise: Drug Discovery & Related Technologies

Philip Izzo
Background: Director, Retail Banking & Payments, Stratus Technologies, Inc
Expertise: Finance, Computer, Manufacturing, System Integration, POS, Communication Software, Software, Marketing

Michael Jakes
Background: Founder and president, WIN International
Expertise: Hi-tech, software, sales & marketing, international, teleprocessing, consulting

Andy Jedynak
Background: President & CMO Kidzui
Expertise: Digital Media, Internet, mobile, video

Matthew Jenusaitis
Background: Partner, ConceptTx Medical; former President ev3 Inc.; EIR Warburg Pinkus
Expertise: Healthcare, Medical Devices, Venture Capital

David Jiang
Background: Senior Manager, Strategic Planning, Gen-Probe
Expertise: Life sciences, financial modeling, market assessment, portfolio optimization, marketing objectives, financial analysis, implementation plans, Asia, China

John Johnson
Background: Manager / Director, Hospital Pharmacist, Sharp Memorial Hospital
Expertise: 10 years experience as a pharmacist and pharmacy manager specializing in clinical pharmacy (inpatient acute care), clinical information systems, safe medication practice, quality improvement, and project management and systems integration.

Robert Johnson
Background: Taylormade-adidas golf, MacGregor Golf, VP of marketing
Expertise: Action Sports, consumer products marketing

Wally Johnson
Background: VP, Supply Chain Management, EPIC Technologies
Expertise: Electronics, supply chain, IT, purchasing, supply management

Chris Jones
Background: Program Manager
Expertise: Biotech

Ryan Jones
Background: CMO, CORTxT, Inc.; Director Marketing Sirf; BoD Starscriber Corp.
Expertise: Hi-tech marketing, sales,

Jason Jordan
Background: Product Brand Manager, NEC
Expertise: Marketing, Branding, product management, telecom, hospitality

Greg Kahn
Background: SD Hospitality and Design
Expertise: CFO, Strategic Planning, SOX consultant, tech and consumer products

Michael Kalafer
Background: Chief Medical Officer, Medicinova, Inc.
Expertise: Pharmaceutical, drug development, launch startegy

Tom Kampfer
Background: President and COO, Iomega
Expertise: Data storage and protection solutions, product strategies, pricing, marketing, web infrastructure, R&D, operations, outsourced manufacturing, finance, IT, HR, legal affairs, computer software, corporate development, strategic planning, multimedia projectors

Mana Kanungo
Background: Founder, Consultant, Int’l Medical Marketing USA LLC
Expertise: Develop & Deliver Sustainable Global / International Product & Market Entry Growth Strategies with special focus on Emerging Countries and New Technology Platforms.

David Kaplan
Background: Currently Principle Partner, Xlerate Solutions; EVP & Co-Founder, DecisionView Software
Expertise: Strategic planning, operations, business development, and marketing in life science software, ecommerce, enterprise software

Ashok Kaul
Background: Strategic Advisory Board, Consultant
Expertise: Wireless life science

Brendon Keiser
Background: Director, Bioscience Gloab Strategy, Baxter healthcare
Expertise: Biotech, pharmaceuticals, product and brand development

Brian Kelleher
Background: Pres/CEO California MedTech, CEO EndoMorphix
Expertise: Medical Device development and manufacturing

Brent Keller
Background: VP Marketing, Invitrogen; executive consultant
Expertise: Life Science, cell biology, immunology, marketing, sales, biz dev, Genomics, Proteomics after Life Science

John Kennedy
Background: Principal – Pinnacle Strategic Solutions
Expertise: Hardware, mechanical engineering, realestate development

John Kennedy
Background: Principal – Pinnacle Strategic Solutions
Expertise: Hardware, mechanical engineering, realestate development

Alan Kholos
Background: COO & Legal Counsel Nextwave/Go-Networks.
Expertise: High-Tech, Saas

Stanley Kim
Background: COO and GC Softmax
Expertise: Biotech and high-tech, IP counsel

Steven King
Background: EVP Insight Imaging
Expertise: Life Science-sales and marketing

Larry Kirsch
Background: Marketing consultant
Expertise: E-commerce, internet marketing

Marcus Klebe
Background: Principle, Law Office of Marcus H. Klebe
Expertise: Law, Corporate Structuring, Legal Strategy

Paul Kluempers
Background: Illinois Tool Works – ITW Space Bag
Expertise: PCN lead; marketing strategy, product development, market research and outside sales

Bill Knees
Background: Chief Marketing Officer, Callaway Golf
Expertise: Golf, Sport, eCommerce, Branding, consumer products, food

David Kramer
Background: David W. Kramer Management Consulting, Former CFO Somanta Pharmaceuticals, Anadys Pharmaceuticals, Gen-Probe Incorporated.
Expertise: Finance in high tech, medical devices, biopharma

Lee Krevat
Background: Director, Smart Grid, Sempra Energy
Expertise: Clean-tech, energy, utilities, software

Rick Kreysar
Background: Sendmail, CEO and President; McAfee, COO
Expertise: Software, SaaS, Software Analytics, Business Development, Marketing

Michael Kropf
Background: Director, Business Development, LifeVantage
Expertise: Hi-tech, telecom, IT

Michael N. Krupp, Ph.D
Background: Former Sr. Vice President of Business Development and Chief Business Officer, Chugai Pharma USA
Expertise: Biotech and pharmaceutical companies, licensing

Atsuo Kuki
Background: Executive Director, Pfizer La Jolla
Expertise: Life Science, biotech, pharmaceuticals, oncology, diabetes

Jon Kula
Background: IT Director, Capital One
Expertise: Software, IT, Financial Services

Richard Kullman
Background: President/Owner Raintree Group, COO ImagerLabs, Corporate CPG Marketing, President – Marketing Services Agency
Expertise: CPG-Consumer Packaged Goods, CRM, B2B/B2C Marketing, Hi-tech products, Software/SAAS, Semiconductors, Strategic Partnerships/Biz Dev, Food

Shailendra Kumar
Background: Executive Director, Center for Sustainable Global Sourcing
Expertise: Outsourcing, Offshoring, Resource and Development, Technology, Software, Engineering, Vendor Management, Consulting

Jay Kunin
Background: President/Founder RxSys Int’l
Expertise: Healthcare & Life Science IT, TCA VP Life Sciences

Chuck Kunze
Background: Eastman Kodak. Director, Marketing, Inkjet solution
Expertise: Inkjet, photography, imaging (cameras),

Paul Laikind
Background: former Pres/CEO, Metabasis Therapeutics
Expertise: Biotech; life science; pharma, therapeutics; gene therapy (Viagene Inc.)

Paula Lapinskas
Background: Director, Exploratory Toxicology, Signal Pharmaceuticals, LLC
Expertise: Life science; Investigative and Regulatory Toxicology; drug discovery and development

Mario C. Larach
Background: Chairman, Kai BioEnergy Corp.
Expertise: Clean-tech, hi-tech, signal processing, semi-conductors, consumer electronics

Stewart Larson
Background: CEO, EKM Corp.
Expertise: Hi-tech, software, IT, Life Science IT, Government

Diane Law
Background: Vice President of Marketing (Fujitsu)
Expertise: Hi-tech Marketing (hardware, software, networks, professional services)

Russ Lebovitz
Background: CEO Suma Ventures
Expertise: Pharmaceutics and Bio-tech, R&D, Tech-transfer, start-up and CEO experience

Leo Lee
Background: Pfizer, Program manager
Expertise: Life Sciences, pharma, startegic planning, program management

Michael R. Lee
Background: Managing Partner, C5 Networks, founder and former CEO, IP3 Networks
Expertise: Telecommunications, wired and wireless networks

Brian Leeper
Background: VP of Operations, Whalen Manufacturing
Expertise: Operations, supply-chain, medical devices, consumer goods; global supply chain management, system implementation, strategic sales, P&L management, forecasting, product development/launch, and integration of acquisitions

Mark Lebowitz
Background: Ligand Pharma, Director
Expertise: Life Science, drug discovery, bio-tech

Jean Luc Lembert
Background: CEO DelfMems, VectraWave
Expertise: Hi-tech, repeat CEO, semi-conductors, wireless, telecom

John Lin
Background: Rady School, Consultant Aubrey Inc.
Expertise: Bio-tech, Life Science. Financial modeling, PPM development

Wesley Lindquist
Background: Controller, TGG Accounting
Expertise: Energy, Healthcare, finance, accounting

Jim Linton
Background: President, IMT; Chief Business Officer,, Cyntellect
Expertise: Life Science, nano-tech, bio-tech, business development

Karina Lion
Background: Biz-dev, marketing consultant
Expertise: Hi-tech, web based applications/ Airsis, international

Bob Lipton
Background: Founder, partner, CEO Smart Safety Group
Expertise: consumer products, packaging, product safety, marketing, sales

Ken Liu
Background: CEO Mindtouch; VP Sales&Marketing Airsis.
Expertise: Hi-Tech, S/W, telematics, E-Commerce, manufacturing

Martin Lo
Background: Associate Director Cadence Pharmaceuticals, San Diego, CA
Expertise: Pharmaceutical Development and Manufacturing, Engineering/technology

Michael Locke
Background: Senior VP Portfolio Manager, The Capital Group
Expertise: Finance, Fixed Income Assets

Bill Loeber
Background: Regional Business Development, Stratus Global Partners LLC
Expertise: hi-tech, bioscience, marketing and sales, Strategic Sales, Product Management, B2B New Business Development, New Product Development and Introduction

William Lofft
Background: CEO, CFO Modern Postcards, Adcom
Expertise: Consumer Marketing/Advertising

Vernon Loforti
Background: VP, Chief Financial Officer and Secretary and Transitional President & CEO, Overland Storage
Expertise: Finance, accounting, high tech, pharmacy

Rob Logan
Background: Former CEO at ContentGuard, VP at Thomson S.A., and Engineer at IBM
Expertise: New Media, Mobile, and Consumer Electronics products and services

Milton L Lohr
Background: Public Corporate Director, Former Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Acquisition,former Exec Vive President of Flight Systems,Panel and Board Member of various Government Advisory Boards, former Acquisition representative to CNAD,with oversight of International Joint Programs.
Expertise: Hi Tech ,repeat CEO, Weapon Systems, Sensors, UAV, Military and Commercial Electronics, International Business, Flight Test

Parker J. Lord
Background: CTO, VP Engineering, SeeControl, Inc.
Expertise: Software, IT, communications

Mark Lovett
Background: Former President and CEO, Chassis Plans – CIO Industrial Computer Source
Expertise: Operations Management, Informations Systems, Business Strategy

Michael J. Lustenberger
Background: VP Global Marketing, SONY Online Entertainment
Expertise: Gaming, PC, Wireless, Console digital entertainment, consumer products, electronics, sports innovation, software, online

Zachary Lyons
Background: Strategy Advisor, Strategyn; Marketing at Intuit
Expertise: Internet, Software, Financial Services

Peter Ma
Background: HP Marketing/Bus Dev
Expertise: Tech

Jim MacDonald
Background: Director of Chemistry, ItherX Pharmaceuticals
Expertise: Life Science, Pharmaceuticals, Compound Development, Peptides, Scientist

David Macdonald
Background: CEO, AltheaDx
Expertise: Biotech, diagnostics, medical devices, turn-arounds

Bruce Mackler
Background: TCA, Consultant
Expertise: Life Sciences; FDA Reg. experience; Immunology

Carolyn Maduza
Background: COO, Sydney Kimmel Cancer Center
Expertise: Hi-tech, life science, IT, oncology, healthcare

Camille Mahant
Background: Sr. Financial Analyst
Expertise: Technical Writer, Biotech

Rick Maiero
Background: COO/President Keylime Software, CEO Boojum Mobile
Expertise: SAAS Business Models/Technology, Social Media, Operations, Product Management

Brian Manahan
Background: Relevantads, SSP Solutions
Expertise: Product management, marketing

Linda Manaster
Background: Founder CEO Larkin Foods, Compucook
Expertise: CEO Consumer Products, product concept to launch

Francine Mancini
Background: Consultant
Expertise: Business, Chiropractor

Adriana Manzi
Expertise: Biomolecule, Biopharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Analytical methods, Process development, Quality, Method validation, Due diligence, Scientific strategic planning, Carbohydrates, Oligosaccharides, Proteins, Peptides, Glycoproteins, Polysaccharides, Glycosaminoglycans, Heparin, Glycolipids, Gangliosides, Structural analysis, Mass spectrometry, Nuclear magnetic resonance, HPLC, Chromatography, Stability, Comparability, Biosimilars, Follow on biologics, Chemistry, Glycobiology, Biochemistry, Spectroscopy

Laura Manzi
Background: VP Market and Infrastructure Development, California Independent System Operator
Expertise: Energy, Regulatory, Policy

Tom Marsh
Background: President and CEO, Viking Systems
Expertise: M&A, financing, medical device, investment banking, hardware/software

Steve Martin
Background: CFO Stratagene
Expertise: CFO Life science and High-tech

Hector Martinez
Background: IT Consultants
Expertise: IT systems, ERP

Linda Masterson
Background: CEO, LifePoint, Inc.
Expertise: Life Science, healthcare, diagnostics, business development, marketing

Carolyn McClain
Background: Director, SPARC Platform Software Business, Sn Microsystems
Expertise: Software and computing platforms, Product Lifecycle Management, New Product Introductions, Strategic Planning, B2B Marketing, Market Research and Analysis, Six Sigma Pricing and Licensing

Keith McCrone
Background: CEO, AUTOonline
Expertise: Automotive, Insurance CEO

Kevin McGourty
Background: Director Product Dev. SeaSpace
Expertise: Hi-tech, Sat., Optics, Internet, Biz.Dev. And Product Dev.

Steve McNally
Background: Chief of Staff to SD council member; President DJM Electronics
Expertise: Hi-tech biz dev, marketing. Sales,start-up entrepreneur

Ash Mehta
Background: Engineer, MBA, Entrepreneur, CEO PatientClick Inc.
Expertise: Healthcare IT, Information Technology, International Business, Wireless Healthcare, Electronic Health Records

Dagmar Meissner
Background: Owner, BioProcess Solutions
Expertise: Life Sciences, tech-transfer, regulatory process, product development, diabetes

Nancy Mercurio
Background: VP accounting, TAG
Expertise: Accounting services, medical devices, sports apparel, real estate

Russ Merrill
Background: CEO, Vitaz International
Expertise: Neutritinal Supplements, Real Estate

Doug Miller
Background: Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers
Expertise: International tax, auditing, financial planning,due diligence, finance raising (primarily IPOs and bonds)

Grant Miller
Background: CFO, COO
Expertise: CFO, COO, telecom, broadband services

Jules Miller
Background: Principle, Miller Law, previously ONR, SPAWAR, Ford
Expertise: Grants expertise, defense, automotive, aerospace

Mike Miller
Background: Former CEO IntegriCo Companies
Expertise: Composite materials, food, automotive, aerospace

Tim Miller
Background: President, Del Cerro Ventures
Expertise: Digital media, Internet, software, wireless, Strategic Planning, Corporate & Product Strategy, Product Management, Valuation, Business Development, M&A, Due Diligence, Market Penetration

Larry Mimms
Background: EVP R&D/Strategic Pl at Genprobe
Expertise: Life Science, diagnostics, medical devices, R&D and Strategic Planning

Bernard Minton
Background: Finance Director Clark Security Products
Expertise: IT, healthcare, oil company, accounting, CPA

Amy Mischler
Background: VP Mobile Marketing Evangelism, VP Identity & Brand Services
Expertise: Web Tech, Business Development, Mobile marketing, branding, software, sales

Bob Mischler
Background: GM, Covx Technologies
Expertise: Biotech, pharma, marketing, business development

Risto M. Mitrovich
Background: CPA, CFF, former partner (Singer Lewak) and VP Business/Corporate Development (Infonet)
Expertise: Corporate finance, planning, M&A (buy and sell), operations and governance, telecomm

Peter Molloy
Background: Former CEO, Biota
Expertise: Life Sciences

Bill Molnar
Background: VP & GM Agilent Technologies
Expertise: Biotech, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, genomics

Chris Montgomery
Background: CEO Europe; CMO Vivendi Universal
Expertise: Digital media, Internet, music, entertainment, marketing

Rory Moore
Background: Founder, Peregrine Semiconductor, Silicon Wave
Expertise: Semiconductors

Cathy Moran
Background: Senior Manager, Intel
Expertise: Hi-tech, venture capital, strategic planning

Dave Morash
Background: CEO, Axesstel
Expertise: CFO, COO, telecom

Phil Morettini
Background: Currently a Tech Management Consultant, Former CEO and VP-Marketing & Sales
Expertise: P&L Management, Product Management/Marketing and Business Development in Software, Wireless, Imaging, Networking

Craig Morreale
Background: Marketing Manager
Expertise: Media, marketing, advertising

Michael Morrison
Background: Former founder and President Naprotek, Inc
Expertise: Electronic contract mfg. & design services, semiconductors, capital equipment and instrumentation markets.

Eric Morton
Background: Attorney, Law Offices of Eric D. Morton, APC

Charlotte Moss
Background: Project Management, Sun Microsystems
Expertise: Sales & marketing, software, product marketing, engineer

John Murray
Background: Nokia, Qualcomm, Scientific Atlanta
Expertise: BizDev, Product Management, Marketing, Wireless, CE, mobility, LBS, CATV, communications

Rob Murray
Background: COO Two Oceans Fund, Power Efficiency Fund
Expertise: Real Estate, Clean-tech, Wireless services, IT

Todd Myers
Background: Former CFO, SGX Pharmaceuticals; Former CFO, FeRx Incorporated;
Expertise: Life sciences; public/private financings; M&A; financial modeling

Robert Nascenzi
Background: Former CEO Claritas, CEO National Decision Systems, COO TARGUSinfo, founder ElementOne
Expertise: Information services, software, online services, consumer targeting, acquisitions and divestitures

Alexander Nawrocki
Background: Co-founder, Chief Strategy Officer, Ameritege Technology Partners
Expertise: Software, Robotics, Space Station Operations

Bruce Neapole
Background: President, Swingline; COO Kensington Technology Group
Expertise: Consumer Products, office products, computer peripherals

Scott Neuberger
Background: Owner, Chairman collegiate companies
Expertise: Business

Andi Neugarten
Background: AVP Torrey Pines Bank
Expertise: Finance, Banking, Strategic Planning, International

Hans Norden
Background: Executive Coach
Expertise: Finance, Banking, Strategic Planning, International

Charles Novitsky
Expertise: Graphic Designer and Volunteer

Jim Nuckols
Background: VP Global Marketing, CareFusion
Expertise: Healthcare, software, food, sports innovation

Bill Nydam
Background: CEO, CryoMedix
Expertise: Life Science, Medical Devices, Healthcare

Clint O’Conner
Background: Consultant
Expertise: Consumer Electronics, product development, engineering , manufacturing

Carlton O’Neill
Background: VP Marketing Proximity
Expertise: Telecom, Wireless

David Oates
Background: Owner Stallwart Communications
Expertise: P/R Marketing, Media relations

Lou Obertreis
Background: NPI Engineer/Program Manager
Expertise: Medical Devices, Mechanical Engineering, NPI

Robert Ochtel
Background: Carlsbad Technology Group
Expertise: Semi-conductors, wireless/telecom, fund-raising

Ed Odjaghian
Background: COO, ProfitLine
Expertise: SAAS, S/W Services, Internet, IT

Harry Oesman
Background: CFO, Airgain; Consultant
Expertise: Wireless, Internet, Software

Mike Oliver
Background: Marketing, Sales, GM/COO of Medical Device companies
Expertise: Medical Devices, turn-arounds, sales, marketing, operations

Dwight Olson
Background: Founder, V3 Data, Chairman, EVP
Expertise: Software /IT

Tim Orlando
Background: San Diego Tech Coast Angels (Lead, Seed Track); CMC Worldwide Marketing, Inc.
Expertise: Marketing, Strategic Planning, M&A, Financing

Dale Osborn
Background: Owner Think Group Inc.
Expertise: Engineering services, product design

Steven F. Osinski
Background: Former President/CEO, SMART Group, Former Vice President of Marketing TMP Worldwide (renamed Monster Worldwide in 2002)
Expertise: Advertising/Marketing, wireless industry

Kirsten Osolind
Background: CEO marketing agency
Expertise: Marketing, P/R advertising

David Overskei
Background: Former CEO, Polexis, Inc.; SVP General Atomics and SAIC
Expertise: Defense and energy technologies, medical systems, optical communications, advanced software

John Oyler
Background: BioDuro
Expertise: Biotech

Art Ozaki
Background: Business Planning Manager, Product Marketing and Business Operations Groups, Sony Electronics (2002-2007)
Expertise: High-tech, electronics, engineering, general mgmt., sales, marketing

Nadine Padilla
Background: BioSite, VP Corporate Com & Investor Relations
Expertise: Investor Relations, corporate branding, financial reporting

Mark Palmer
Background: Prior CEO Alvarado Hospital Medical Center/ Prior President and CEO for West Penn and Forbes Hospitals
Expertise: Healthcare, hospital operations management
Background: CTO/CIO, Principal Parham Consulting
Expertise: Software, IT, CRM, SaaS

George Pariza
Background: VP Product Development, Marketing Zenith
Expertise: Hi-tech, consumer products, electronics, audio, video

Rajiv Parmar
Background: Director, Strategic Marketing, Skyworks Solution
Expertise: Marketing, Finance, Product Development, Forecasting, Financial Modeling, Electronics, Software, Cellular, Semiconductors

Laura Parmer-Lohan
Background: Marketing Director, BYETTA® Exenatide Injection, Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Expertise: Medical Device & Biotech Marketing

John Pashkowsky
Background: Aurora Discovery
Expertise: Life Science CFO

Scott Patridge
Background: CEO, Metabase, Inc.
Expertise: Life Sciences, Electronic Health Records, SaaS, Search Engine Optimization, Real Estate Development, Phone Media, Software, Mortgage, Action Sports, Finance, Sales

Elke Patton
Background: Director, Encore Capital Group
Expertise:Software, business intelligence, analytical tools

Steve Pazol
Background: CEO, N-Phase
Expertise: Machine-to-Machine communications, IT, Wireless, software

David C. Pearson
Background: Former Life Science CEO, COO, GM at Nidus, Noxxon, BioBlocks and Novartis
Expertise: General Management, Sales and Marketing, International, e-Business, Outsourcing

Adrian Pelkus
Background: CEO, A Squared Technologies & IYIA Technologies, COO Hypnoz Devices
Expertise: Electronic contract mfg. & design services. Coaching inventors in New Product development. Startup formation in high-tech, bio-tech, renewable energy technologies.

Vasu Pestanjamasp
Background: Licensing Exec. Soc.
Expertise: PhD Oncology, IP expertise

Bill Pesch
Background: CEO, McBride Electric, President Driessen Aerospace, COO Anacomp
Expertise: CleanTech, aerospace, industrial controls, SaaS, BPO, private equity, accelerating organic growth, performance improvement, turnarounds, international business, EPC contracting, lean manufacturing, supply chain optimization

Henry Peterson
Background: Asst. Professor, Strategic Management-Alliant International
Expertise: Clean-tech, energy, waste treatment, academic

Steven Peterson
Background: VP Operations, Disguise, Inc
Expertise: Manufacturing, logistics, international

Filippo Petralia
Expertise: Rady School MBA

Richard Phelps
Background: Vice President Global Sales / International Sales / Business Development
Expertise: Hi-Tech, targeting technology firms supplying RF and wireless data / voice / video solutions, Designs and manufactures CMOS imaging sensor-based camera modules for OEM / ODM manufacturers of handsets, laptops, surveillance systems, medical devices, and other solutions requiring image processing

Mike Pierce
Background: CEO, Breach Security
Expertise: Software, operating systems, web applications, security

John Polchin
Background: CFO, The AES Corporation
Expertise: Clean tech, financial services, software

Charles Pontis
Background: Consultant
Expertise: Operational effectiveness

Carol Preisig
Background: Sr. Manager Invitrogen
Expertise: Life Science R&D; Biz.Dev, product development, WLS

Steve Prince
Background: VP Marketing, Cardinal Health
Expertise: Healthcare, diagnostics, life science marketing

Gary Pritchett
Background: Former V.P. of Technical Operations at St. Bernard Software
Expertise: Software Development

Robert Proulx
Background: Principle, Turning-the-crank (consultancy)
Expertise: Computer, IT, life sciences, medical diagnostics

Robert Pryor
Background: CEO, InnerTalent; CEO Inovie Software
Expertise: Internet, SaaS, Software, mentoring, sales, marketing

John Pyshny
Background: Vice President of Sales, Janus Health
Expertise: Home healthcare, wireless healthcare, medical devices, project management, strategic planning, marketing and sales

Craig Quantz
Background: Principal, Worldstage Partners; CEO, Excellent Design (Tokyo)
Expertise: Software, Professional Services

Kevin Quilty
Background: COO, EndoCare, CEO Qualdix
Expertise: Cryo-technology, healthcare, medical devices

Terry Quinn
Background: COO, VP, Ops, Dot Hill, Qualcomm
Expertise: Operations, Wireless, Medical Supplies, Manufacturing

Christopher D. Raj
Background: Research Scientist, Vertex Pharmaceuticals; Rady MBA
Expertise: Financial Modeling, market research, scientific due diligence, biotech, pharmaceuticals

Raja Rajagopal
Background: CEO, Microflow, Sydney, Australia
Expertise: Life science, biotech, vaccines, health care, technology, financial services, venture capital, consumer products

Bill Ramage
Background: VP Marketing and Business Development, Molecular Biosystems, Inc.
Expertise: Life Science, Marketing, Sales Medical Imaging, Pharmaceuticals

Kathy Rangus
Background: VP Regulatory Affairs, Pharma start-up
Expertise: Regulatory Affairs, pharma and medical devices

John Ransom
Background: Consulting CSO, Former VP R & D for Cytori Therapeutics, former VP Biology for Novasite Pharmaceuticals
Expertise: Biotechnology, Life sciences, Pharma

Dave Ray
Background: Director of Semiconductor Test Solutions, Unisys
Expertise: semiconductor, defense, server, storage

Ruben Recio
Background: Buffini & Company, Corporate Relations Client Manager
Expertise: CFO, Biz Dev., Budget Planning, Business Coaching & Training

Don Reckles
Background: Marketing, Aruba Networks
Expertise: Wireless, media, mobile marketing

Steve Reineke
Background: Managing Director, DiscoveryOrtho, Inc.
Expertise: Orthropedic, Medical Devices, Consumer Products

Alan Remen
Background: Managing Director, Airspeed Equity, prior CEO Western Fluidics, Clearwater Engineering, & ECCI, Inc., & COO SABIA, Inc.
Expertise: Technology, Digital Video, Telecom, Software, Aerospace

Greg Remy
Background: Ascenti Group
Expertise: High tech/life science consultant

Mike Reynolds
Background: CFO ProfitLine
Expertise: SAAS, S/W Services, Internet, IT, Security

John Rice
Background: Associate Director Proctor & Gamble
Expertise: Baby care, Family care Global R&D, process management

Brian Richardson
Background: SVP CAL. Amplifier
Expertise: Wireless Marketing, R&D

Patrick Richmond
Background: Founder Lad-Key, President Primark Corp.
Expertise: Financial and investment information services

Anthony Riggio
Background: SVP Acquisitions, Sales & Business Development, Encore Capital Group
Expertise: Biz Dev, sales, finance, consumer debt, software, start up

Robin Ritch
Background: Director of Biz Dev at Cisco
Expertise: Wireless, networking, marketing, business development

Paul Roben
Background: Director of Biotechnology for the Enterprise Ireland, CSO, founder Target Protein Technologies, Inc.
Expertise: Life science, bio-tech, food sciences, venture capital

Alex Robertson
Background: President and CEO of Ecosse Business Group
Expertise: Technology, international executive management

Mark Robertson
Background: Director of Materials and Supply Chain, Forbes Industries
Expertise: Consumer products, electronics, computer hardware, import/export, manufacturing, IPO

Irwin Rodrigues
Background: VP, GM Boattracs
Expertise: Satellite Communications, Software, IT

Tony Rodriguez
Background: Warner Bros. – Senior Vice President (COO & CFO), Seagram Spirits & Wine (Executive V.P. – Deputy CEO, Chief of Staff, CFO).
Expertise: Consumer packaged goods, media/entertainment. Functional expertise includes: finance /governance, strategic planning/implementation, supply chain process improvement and leadership/organization development.

Gianluca Roma
Background: RD Bioscience, GenProbe
Expertise: Life Sciences, market analysis

Coni Rosati
Background: Medovate
Expertise: Medical device

John Roshala
Background: VP Bus. Dev. Anomyzer
Expertise: Hi-tech,s/w, security, telecom, VP/GM

Greg Rothnem
Background: VP Strategic Alliances – Qualcomm
Expertise: Hi-tech M&A, Strategic Alliances

Dan Ruchman
Background: Former CFO, Phyton Biotech and Inslaw Inc.; former Director of Corporate Planning, Bausch & Lomb
Expertise: Finance, planning, bus. dev., operations & governance in life sciences and high tech

Vincent Ruggiero
Background: TRW, Scientific Atlanta, etc.
Expertise: SD Screeing panels for referrall to SDIF – High-tech, electronics

Chris Russell
Background: CTO, DivX
Expertise: Industry reputation for engineering and product development in the media entertainment space. Developed software, consumer electronics, and web properties for the creation, distribution, and consumption of motion picture, video, and audio content.

Michael A. (Mike) Russell
Background: Managing Partner: Russell Financial Services; 25 years as CFO of emerging technology companies
Expertise: Semiconductor, Software, Telecommunications and Clean Technology industries. Overall, financial and strategic planning, fund raising and implementation of financial systems.

David Russian
Background: CFO, General LED
Expertise: Finance, sox compliance, cleantech, hi-tech

Mary Ann Russo
Background: CEO Fitforall
Expertise: Internet: B2B, Hi-tech: hardware, software, global operations: service/support, quality, logistics

Martin Sabarsky
Background: CFO and COO, HR BioPetroleum, Inc
Expertise: cleantech, collaboration, joint venture, license agreements, life sciences, financial analyses, valuations, execution of equity and debt offerings, IPOs, M&A transactions, biotech

David Sacks
Background: CFO, Zoot Sports
Expertise: CFO, sports, accounting, aerospace

Tony Sadat
Background: CEO, EOS International
Expertise: SaaS, IT, software, digital media

Greg Salley
Background: Global VP, SAP
Expertise: Software, IT, global strategic planning, business development

Heather Samarin
Background: VP of Marketing, Intuit
Expertise: Marketing, Product Development, Financial Analyst, Software, Internet

Killu Sanborn
Background: Former Managing Director, Hercules Capital; Principal/Fund Manager, IngleWood Ventures
Expertise: Life science VC (equity/debt), startup formation, commercialization

Steven Sands
Background: Director; Compound Development Team Leader, CNS/Pain, J&J
Expertise: Life Science, Pharmaceuticals, CNS, Smoking, Pain

Dario Santana
Background: CEO of NTN Buzztime
Expertise: Media, Inter-active TV, entertainment, private equity, telecom, fire and security equipment and services

Michael Saracen
Background: Accuray, Inc. Director Biz Dev.
Expertise: Medical Devices, oncology, biz dev, marketing, product management

Kelly Sarber
Background: President, Strategic Management Group
Expertise: Clean tech, waste-to-energy, renewable energy, water, media, marketing

Kelly Sarber
Background: President, Strategic Management Group
Expertise: Clean tech, waste-to-energy, renewable energy, water, media, marketing

Mahasweta Sarkar
Background: Assistant Professor
Expertise: Electrical and computer engineering, Her research interest lies in the area of wireless data networks. Her work addresses issues like scheduling, routing, optimal resource allocation, power management in wireless networks like WLANs, WMANs, Sensor Networks and Ad Hoc Networks

Robert Scalese
Background: Sr. Director Engineering, Gen-Probe
Expertise: Medical Devices, Consumer Products, Engineering

John Scerbo
Background: Business Architect, Intuit
Expertise: Software Architect, Intuit Business software/product/BU development

Jake Schaible
Background: President, Toscana Ventures
Expertise: Life Science , drug development, Licensing & New Ventures

Alan M. Schechter
Background: CEO Pyro Pharmaceuticals, AlphaGene, Applied Carotenoid Sciences, Noetix, Veterinary Reference Laboratory
Expertise: Successful, serial CEO for medical device and biotech early stage and turn-around companies

Stefan Scheinert
Background: President Scheinert Telecom; Former CTO LGC Wireless High-tech; Former CEO Ibis Telecom; Former CEO Littlefeet
Expertise: High-tech, telecom, wireless and fixed wireless

David Schonthal
Background: Former COO of Iapyx Medical and Director, Venture Development at Tavistock Life Sciences. Currently a Partner with Fusion Ventures and Executive Director of the Kellogg Venture Community
Expertise: General Management, Commercial and Innovation Strategy across a variety of sectors including: healthcare, technology and consumer goods

Steven Schroder
Background: Director Finance, Medvantx, Inc.
Expertise: Finance, Modeling, M&A

Daniel Schumann
Background: Vice President and Operations Manger, Invetech Inc.
Expertise: Medical Devices, automotive, business strategy, operations, marketing, product development

Haggai Schwartz
Background: Senior Consultant & Team Leader , Shaldor Ltd
Expertise: Marketing, Financial Modeling, consulting, software, business development, strategic planning, food, consumer products

Karl Schwenkmeyer
Background: VP Marketing HP Inkjet Systems
Expertise: Branding, product positioning, customer segmentation, product development and launch, competitive strategy, market planning, retail distribution.

Tony Sciolla
Background: CMO, TNR Entertainment
Expertise: Action Sports, Entertainment, Consumer Products

Jim Scott
Background: CEO Iliad, Inc.
Expertise: e-commerce, on-line content, IT, Software

Kathleen D. Scott
Background: Co-owner, CFO, RA Capital Advisors
Expertise: Investment banking, financial services, M&A, bio-tech, financial audits

Steve Scott
Background: CEO Technology Acquisition Group, former CEO, RacePS, World Transport Authority, & Div Head, Oncor.
Expertise: Strategic development & planning, CEO development, capital structure, turnaround, and corporate governance. Life science, diagnostics, device, software, electronics, clean tech, aquatics, and internet.

Judy Senior
Background: Consultant
Expertise: Drug discovery and development

Steve Seymour
Background: President, VP Finance, Brawn of California
Expertise: Retail, eCommerce, financial services

Gad Shaanan
Background: CEO Gadlight
Expertise: Consumer products, branding, sports innovation, clean-tech

L. Blair Shamel
Background: President, The Shamel Group, Inc.
Expertise: Life Science, Hi-tech, e-commerce, marketing, strategic planning, business development

Robert Sharp
Background: VP Engineering, Terra Knights Music
Expertise: Software, Music, Telemetry, Instrumentation

Joe Sheehan
Background: Former President and COO, TruePosition
Expertise: High-tech s/w, telecom, wireless, LBS, MRM/automatic vehicle location, aerospace

Dana Shertz
Background:: Former COO MacGregor Golf, Former VP Sales and Marketing Callaway Golf, Former COO/CMO EnDev Enterprises.
Expertise: Sports Industry, Hospitality, C-Level Executive with officer roles in privately held start -ups to billion dollar publicly held companies.

Elliot Shev
Background: SVP Sales and Marketing, SMS Technologies, INC . International sales/mkting experience

Eddie Shin
Background: Senior Director, Corporate Development, Fate Pharmaceuticals
Expertise: Life Sciences, Corporate Development, Grants, Licensing, Law

Brad Shoen
Background: Serial Founder, CEO, YPO Chair
Expertise: Hi-tech, e-commerce, gaming, RFID, Biotech

Lew Shuster
Background: CEO Kemia, Inc. President Invitrogen/Genomics
Expertise: Biotech, pharma, drug development, repeat CEO and investor

Michael Sick
Background: Indepedent Marketing Consultant since 2003. Formerly Marketing VP for Jack In The Box, Pearle Vision, Arby’s, El Chico
Expertise: Marketing and management in Retail, Consumer Products, eCommerce, software, advertising and franchising.

Geoff Siegel
Background: SVP R&D at Cardinal Health
Expertise: Healthcare, FDA Regulatory experience, R&D

Ann Siemens
Background: Vice President, Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center, San Diego, CA
Expertise: Biomedical/medical devices, healthcare, business development, marketing/public relations, IP development, Market Analysis

Richard Simms
Background: Human Systems Consulting, Inc.
Expertise: Organizational Improvement

Jamie Simpson
Background: Director HR, Qualcomm
Expertise: HR, Technology

David Skinner
Background: Former VP Sales, Cymer
Expertise: High tech sales

Christine Smith
Background: Executive Director, Product Development at Amylin
Expertise: Product management, pharmaceuticals, IND, NDA, cGMP manufacturing, engineering

Dan Smith
Background: Director, pre-clinical R&D, Sangart, Inc.
Expertise: Life Science, pre-clinical R&D, immunoligy, hematology

Jamie Smith
Background: Director, Human Resources, Qualcomm
Expertise: Human Resources, Life Sciences, Healthcare, Energy, Medical Device, Wireless, Internet, Electronics, International (China, Japan, Korea, Brazil, UK, Mexico), Manufacturing , Marketing

Jim Smith
Background: (Present) Treasurer – Sharp HealthCare and Senior Partner – TriMentor Group LLC; CFO – Ford Motor Credit; Ford Global Electronics, Ford South American Operations, and Entivity, Inc.; and Strategic Planning VP – Visteon, Inc.
Expertise: Corporate Finance (Automotive, Start-up, Financial Services, & Healthcare), Strategic Planning and Executive Coaching

Steve Smith
Background: President, director Xitron Technologies
Expertise: Medical Devices, semi-conductors, biz dev, finance

David Snyder
Background: VP, Technology Commercialization, SAIC
Expertise: 20+ years of experience in business development, marketing, sales and product-line management in the commercial electronics and high technology industry

Naresh Soni
Background: VP, R&D – Nokia
Expertise: Wireless telecom

Robert Sorcabel
Background: Finance Director, Bose
Expertise: consumer electronics, cons. Products, financial services

Alan Sorkin
Background: Entrepreneur, Vistage Chair
Expertise: Hi-tech CEO/Entrepreneur, Vistage Chair

Nik Souris
Background: Action Sports Marketing
Expertise: Action Sports

Loma Speid
Background: Sr. Regulatory Affairs executive positions with Ciba Geigy and Novartis (HQ – Switzerland); Director Regulatory Affairs – Valentis (US); VP Regulatory Affairs and Project Management (NewBiotics)
Expertise: Life Science, Regulatory expert, phama, therapeutics

Gina Sponzilli
Background: VP/Director; Seagate Technologies
Expertise: Software, Technology, Life Sciences, Venture Capital, Consulting, Banks, Advertising, Telecommunications, Attorney

Dan Squiller
Background: CEO, PowerGeniz
Expertise: Batteries, power supplies, energy. Software, telecom

Anne St. Louis
Background: Director, Marketing – Stratagene
Expertise: Life science marketing, sales

Larry Stambaugh
Background: Founder & CEO, Maxim Pharmaceuticals, Former Chm & CEO ABC Laboratories, Recognized corporate governance leader and current Principal of Apercu Consulting
Expertise: Life Sciences, Clean Tech, Banking, Manufacturing, Acclaimed Board and Corporate Governance Leader

Pamela Stambaugh
Background: Springboard Orientations/EIR meetings
Expertise: Executive coach/Vistage Chair

Laura Stangel
Background: Division Controller (Finance Director), James Hardie Building Materials
Expertise: Finance, Building

Aron Stein
Background: VP & Corporate Officer, Isis Pharmaceuticals
Expertise: Pharmaceuticals, Regulatory Affiars, FDA, Therapeutics

Bernd Stein
Background: Sr. Director, Oncology-Celegne
Expertise: Life Science, Oncology, Bio-Pharma

Bob Stein
Background: Ran companies/ops 25 years Black & Decker and Brunswick Corps. Pres,COO,CMO, CQO, VP Supply Chain, VP Strategy & Bus Dev, VP; Int’l Retail. BS Engr, Kellogg MBA (Marketing/Gen Mgmt)
Expertise: New product and new business start up processes, acquisitions, mergers, alliances. Executive coach/mentor. General Mgmt.

David Stelter
Background: VP, Business Development
Expertise: Invetech, CONNECT member outsourcing R&D firm

Aron Stern
Background: CFO, Vital Therapies
Expertise: Life Science, Biotechnology, Biomaterials, Medical Device, IPO, Venture Capital, Video, GE

Peter Stern
Background: CEO Nexcore Capital, CEO Pyronex (medical)
Expertise: Clean-tech, Action Sports, Financial Services, Healthcare, Medical Devices

Gregg Stetsko
Background: VP Strategy, Technology, Operations at Amylin
Expertise: Pharmaceutics and Biotech, general management experience

Jim Stroesser
Background: CEO Pony International, Converse, etc.
Expertise: Action sports, apparel, music, athletic footware, consumer products

Shelley Suppes
Background: LG Electronics, Zucatto, Qualcomm
Expertise: Market Research. Analysis Wireless

Atul Suri
Background: Director New Business Development at Qualcomm
Expertise: Wireless/convergence/business development/Qualcomm/Kyocera

Mark Surles
Background: CEO Interactive Simulations; President EHS IP Management; Reed Elsevier
Expertise: Software, health IT corporate development

Bjorn T. Svinterud
Background: Director Business Development, Qualcomm
Expertise: Wireless, IT, Software, telecom, automotive

Paul Symczak
Background: Senior Director, Market Research and Product Management, Qualcomm
Expertise: Marketing, Market Research, Product Management, Business Development, Operations, Law, Wireless, Cable, TV

Andrew Szikla
Background: Commercial Supply Chain Operations Director, Hewlett-Packard
Expertise: supply chain, imaging and printing, product life cycle, consumer hardware and supplies, analyst, manufacturing

Jeanne Talbot
Background: Director of Business Development, Knapp Telecomm Group
Expertise: financial management, financial analysis, business development, forecasting, healthcare, telecomm

Joanna Tan
Background: COO & Interim CFO, Envision Solar International
Expertise: Operations, Finance, Solar Energy, Insurance, Internet Marketing, Media

Mark Tanner
Background: CFO, Pepsi Cola
Expertise: Consumer products, CFO

Bill Taylor
Background: VP Marketing, XFIN Inc.
Expertise: Life Science /IT, Healthcare IT, SaaS, software, marketing, sales, business development, strategy

Ronald Tchorzewski
Background: CFO, TV Magic
Expertise: Consumer Electronics, wireless, IT, Internet, telecom

Mark Teixeira
Background: Sales Director in Pet Specialty, Nestlé Purina PetCare
Expertise: Sales, Marketing, Consumer Products, Pet Care, Health and Beauty, Neutraceutical

Jeremy Terk
Background: GM BAE Systems-Biz.Dev.
Expertise: Defense, aerospace, strategic planning, consulting

Devang Thakkar
Background: Sr. Product Manager, ANACOMP INC
Expertise: Digital Cinema, Software Advertising, P&L, Strategic Planning, Business Planning, Marketing, Product Management, Content Packaging

Carl Thomas
Background: CEO, Flashpoint Sports and Entertainment LLC; CEO, J.H. Whitney Capital Partners
Expertise: Deep expertise and diverse experience in the sports, media and entertainment industry, specifically in content exploitation, sponsorship, sales, marketing, advertising, and intellectual property rights management.

Marco Thompson
Background: Managing Director, Express Ventures
Expertise: High-tech, Venture Capital, telecom, software

Steve E. Tice
Background: CEO, QuantumWorks Corporation, COO,, Former V.P., Special Projects, Viewpoint Corporation, Former CTO, COO, Virtual Celebrity Productions, Former PM, Procter & Gamble, SpotMaster Ad Creation optimization research project, Former Exec Producer, V.P., Hasbro Toys, TOASTER/RUSH Virtual Reality Gaming system division
Expertise: “Agile”, iterative, low risk project management & C-level/senior exec high tech P&L management for: s/w & technology product development, rich media web content & marketing production, 3D graphics, visualization & virtual reality games research/technologies, electric vehicle technology

Samuel Toba
Background: assisted Dr. Roberta Gottlieb on her SB presentation
Expertise: SDSU MBA student

Ed Torres
Background: Panels
Expertise: Lilly Ventures – Healthcare deals

Jarvis Tou
Background: VP/GM CalAmp, VP Staccato, VP Silicon Wave, Intel
Expertise: M2M systems, semiconductors, wireless, marketing

Peter Townend
Background: Founder, partner, The Active Empire, World Surfing Champion
Expertise: Action Sports, marketing, advertising

Marc Trahand
Background: Director of Marketing, ModeLabs
Expertise: Automotive, luxury goods, action sports, wireless, medical devices

Christopher Trepel
Background: VP Decision Science Encore Capital Group
Expertise: Life Sciences, Financial services, consumer analytics

Dan Trudo
Background: General Partner, TrueVest LLC
Expertise: Semiconductor, internet, IT/computing, manufacturing sales, marketing

John Tucker
Background: Director Medical Chemistry
Expertise: Biotech, anti-viral, bacterial, cancer, technology assessment, start-up, biz dev, bio fuels

Marty Turock
Background: GM/VP – business unit mgmt.
Expertise: Internet, Transportations, Wireless Sensors, Plastics

Jan Tuttleman
Background: Executive Director, Molecular Medicine Foundation
Expertise: San Diego Life Science Accelerator

Tyler Van Buren
Background: Program Manager, Qualcomm
Expertise: Rady School graduate with a B.S. in bio-chemistry

Marc van de Graaf
Background: CEO, Fortimedix, USA
Expertise: Medical Devices

John Van Winkle
Background: Director of Operations, Convera
Expertise: Software, Internet

Boris Veksler
Background: CEO and CTO Betria Systems, Inc
Expertise: Software, Business Development, Technology

Rob Vickery
Background: Former President of Sales & Marketing, Pacific DataVision; Co-founder
Expertise: Marketing, business development, wireless, high-tech, e-commerce

Brian Vincik

Background: COO, Supply Chain Alliance
Expertise: Hi-tech, logistics, supply chain

Armando Viteri
Background: CEO – Neubloc, President and CEO of RF Code, Inc.
Expertise: Hi-tech, enterprise computing, software, networks

William von Blasingame
Background: SVP & GM Caribbean Region, MIRANT
Expertise: CFO, alternate energy/clean tech; finance

Lucy von Buttlar
Background: SVP, City National Bank
Expertise: Finance, banking, non-profit; neuro-science

Carl Vonderau
Background: VP/Private Banker, San Diego Private Bank
Expertise: Finance, banking, international finance

Shekar Vyas
Background: Former Fish & Richardson
Expertise: Hi-tech, IP

Thomas Waechter
Background: Repeat CEO, COO, VP
Expertise: Hi-tech chips, wireless communications

Brad Wallace
Background: Repeat COO, Typhoon Security Technology
Expertise: Hi-tech, explosive detection, MP3 players/CE

Olaf Walter
Background: Dow Chemical
Expertise: Life Science business operations

Kimberly Walzer
Background: Bainbridge, VP of Marketing, A.T. Kearney
Expertise: Hi-tech, marketing, business development, consumer products

Whedy Wang
Background: Consultant; formerly SVP of Global Biomedical Information, Orexigen Therapeutics
Expertise: Pharma/Biotech, Drug Development with focus on Clinical Investigation, Biometrics

Christine Waters
Background: President/COO aTyr Pharma, Novartis
Expertise: Life Science, pharma, therapeutics, R&D

Dave Webb
Background: Senior Vice President, BDSS, Financial & Business Management, LPL FINANCIAL
Expertise: Finance, Marketing, Real Estate, Technology Service Provider

Mark Wegrzyn
Background: CFO TCZ GmbH (JV w. Zeiss)
Expertise: CFO, start-ups, high-tech

Debra Weinburger
Background: Senior Consultant, Schiff Consulting
Expertise: Finance, e-lerning, strategic planning, operations

Ann Welton
Background: Sr. Director and Immunology Compound Development Team Leader, J&J
Expertise: Life Science, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Preclinical Development, Clinical Studies, Immunology, Rheumatology, Respiratory, Pharmacology Oncology, Cardiovascular, Metabolic, Inflammation, In-Licensing

Kai Wenk-Wolff
Background: CEO, COO
Expertise: Cleantech, Photovoltaics

Bob White
Background: Senior Counsel, BAE Systems National Security Solutions Inc; Asst. General Counsel, Southwest Marine, Inc
Expertise: U.S. DoD and intelligence community; (government and commercial), procurement, intellectual property protection, licensing, and distribution, employment law, regulatory compliance, export, policy development and implementation, corporate governance

Greg White
Background: President & Chief Executive Officer, AIR-TRAK, INC
Expertise: Internet, Enterprise Software, and Telecommunications

Scott White
Background: Global Sr. Marketing Director, Taylormade Adidias
Expertise: Action Sports global marketing, advertising, golf

Madeleine Wiener De Torsiac
Background: VP Marketing, Turner Broadcasting
Expertise: Consumer products, branding, media, entertainment

Christopher Williams
Background: COO, Verance Corporation
Expertise: Information technology and product engineering

Terry Williamson
Background: CEO, BoD,
Expertise: Consulting, Human Resources, Software

Mark Wilson
Background: VP Biz dev; Founder/CEO
Expertise: Biotech, biz. Dev., licensing, pharma, R&D

Mike Wilson
Background: COO, CIO International S/W
Expertise: S/W IT, High-Tech

Andrew Wiseman
Background: Sr. Director, Investor Relations, La Jolla Pharmaceutical Co.
Expertise: Pharmaceuticals, Diagnostics, business development

Mike Wisz
Background: VP-level, Bridge Medical, Pyxis, Nellcor Puritan Bennett
Expertise: Healthcare IT, Wireless Life sciences, product mgt, marketing, bus dev

Jim Wittmack
Background: IntelliVest Advisors
Expertise: Sports Innovators, financial services, Retail, consumer equipment, furniture

Michael Wood
Background: Marketing/Corporate Business Development Senior Analyst, Abbott Laboratories
Expertise: Life sciences, sales and marketing, M&A, licensing, cardiovascular, healthcare

Steve Worcester
Background: Fmr VP, Fisher Scientific
Expertise: nuclear, medical devices, regulatory

Joseph L. Wulkowicz
Background: CFO, Steakhouse Partners, Inc.
Expertise: Food, sports, material science, consumer products

Steve Yamamoto
Background: GM KLA-Tencor
Expertise: Hi-tech, semiconductor, engineering/marketing

Jerry Yen
Background: VP Sales & Marketing, multiple firms
Expertise: e-commerce, retail, B2B, strategic marketing

Michael Young
Background: Senior Director, Alliance Marketing & Management, Eisai
Expertise: Biotech, Pharmaceuticals, Oncology, HIV, Antibacterials, Marketing, Launch, Sales, Product Development, Commercialization, In-licensing, Out-Licensing

Marion Zabinsky
Background: VP Behavioral Informatics – Sensei Inc.
Expertise: Behavioral Psychologist, anxiety/eating disorders

Tito Zamalloa
Background: Strategic Account Lead, LatinWorks
Expertise: Action Sports

Frederick Zarndt
Background: Planman Technologies, iArchives
Expertise: IT, software CTO

Bob Zaugg
Background: VP Business Development, Burnham
Expertise: Life Science, tech-transfer, therapeutics, biotech, buisness development

Thomas Zech
Background: CFO Pacira Pharmaceuticals
Expertise: CFO Pharmaceuticals, Life Science

Andrew Zelar
Background: Consultant
Expertise: Life Sciences, regulatory affairs, pharma, biotech

Frederick Zeller
Background: Life Sciences: Biotech, Biopharm, Diagnostics, Medical Device, Pharmaceuticals
Expertise: Clinical R&D, Electronic Med Records, Healthcare, Innovations, Medical & Scientific Affairs, Social Media

Tom Zeran
Background: Kyocera Wireless, Qualcomm
Expertise: Wireless, handsets

Charles Zhang
Background: MBA
Expertise: Rady School MBA; Cisco China experience

Jared Zimmerman
Background: Marketing, USA Sevens
Expertise: Rugby, Golf

Mary Zoeller
Background: CEO, construction Billboard, Board of Directors, Orca Fund, Apply2You
Expertise: IT, Software

Norm Zwail
Background: CEO, Aaron Chang International
Expertise: Sports Apparel, merchandizing

Henri Zweijk
Background: MBA
Expertise: Financial Services, asset acquisition, financing, operations


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